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President Obama's Kansas Heritage

Oral History of Margaret (Lewis) Shirk

Margaret (née Lewis) Shirk (August 18, 1917- ) tells the story of her husband, David Lee Shirk (1915-2009) who lived with his family in a boxcar during the Depression. The El Dorado Rotary Club loaned him $60 to attend the University of Kansas. He saved the receipt for repayment of the interest-free loan all his life, and his wife established a scholarship fund in his memory. The couple spent a day with David’s high school classmate, Stanley Dunham, in Hawaii. Margaret remembers Stanley bragging on his grandson, who he predicted would go far in life.

Margaret (Lewis) Shirk Interview

Recorded: April 24, 2013
Location: Butler Community College, El Dorado, Kansas
Video/Editing: Steve Cless
Interviewer: Teresa Baumgartner

Full Interview

Length: 36:09