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Oral History of Esther (Gonzales) Mayes

Esther (née Gonzales) Mayes (March 8, 1924- ) was two years behind Madelyn Payne at Augusta High School, and remembers her, but knew Arlene and Charles, her younger siblings, better. Her parents emigrated from Mexico in 1914, and her family was one of the minority families living in Augusta when she grew up. She shares some memories from that perspective, and memories about two of her brothers who saw action and died during World War II, one of whom received the Silver Star.

Esther (Gonzales) Mayes Interview

Recorded: November 5, 2013
Location: at her home, Wichita, Kansas
Video/Editing: Steve Cless
Interviewer: Kym Dickey

Full Interview

Length: 48:25